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07 September 2017Public Meeting - North Kessock Bottle Banks

07 September 2017Save money on Fuel Bills

One-off fuel discounts available for SSE customers on benefits

26 August 2017Have your Say - Charleston Amenity Area - Community Consultation Update

Your Community Council have been offered the lease of the piece of land on the shore between the west end of Charleston and Torgorm Point.  It includes the field that has been used as a wee football pitch, a parking / picnic area and a stretch of roadside verge.

The land is currentl leased to the Highland Council by Boradland estates.  That arrangement comes to an end in the autumn.  The council will not be renewing theor lease and Boradlands have no current plans for the land, so if nothing happens everything will be removed and it will quickly revert to its natural state.

We want to find out what people in the North Kessock area would like to see hapen to this land so that we can decide whether to take on the lease and manage the area for the benefit of the comunity.

We would like to thank everyone in the community who has so far taken the time to return leaflets or to reply via email, text etc with suggestions. 
If you have not managed to do this yet there is still time. Message us in here, send a message through our website, drop your suggestions in to the local shop or speak to any community council member. 

We are still discussing possible terms of a lease with Broadlands just now and will collate all your suggestions over the summer. One we know exactly what we can or can't do with the land we will report on all the suggestions and produce on a final shortlist for discussion in the autumn

If you have a suggestion of your own please let us know.  Return your leaflet to any member of the community council or to the local shop. Text 07801 356485, or contact us by email at info@knockbain.org

We want to hear from all groups and ages - please get in touch and let us know what you think.





06 August 2017Stagecoach Bus Services on the Black Isle - Timetable Changes Proposed

Route 26 Draft Timetable from Stagecoach

Highland Council has awarded a contract to Stagecoach to enhance the bus service between Fortrose and Inverness to half hourly. This has been made possible using developer contributions from the new housing. Funding will only be available to support the contract for one year. It is hoped that after this the route will become commercially viable.

As a consequence of this contract award, Stagecoach has also decided to remove the North Kessock diversion from the Cromarty buses for most of the day (peak hour Cromarty buses will still divert into North Kessock) and instead provide a separate service for North Kessock.

Using developer contributions, the Stagecoach service between Fortrose and Inverness is proposed to be increased to half hourly for the next year - great news for many Knockbain residents.   The Cromarty route will not make a diversion every hour to North Kessock apart from at peak times, and instead a separate service will be provided between North Kessock and Inverness. Service times to and from NK are generally unchanged.

This might mean that direct access between NK and other Black Isle villages is more restricted. Does this affect you or anyone you know who uses this service?

Your community council can only represent local views if we know how the changes affect you - so please share this post to anyone who uses the service and let us know in the comments or by direct message whether you think these changes will make your journey better or worse.

You can see the DRAFT timetable for routes 26-28 via this link  Although this isn’t a consultation, the Community Council would like to her how this affects you so that we can respond accordingly.

Contact us here or through our Facebook page 


06 August 2017Cromarty Bridge - Next Phase of Refurbishment Works

£1.5M Cromarty Bridge refurbishment set to get underway in August

Project will see four spans of bridge refurbished

Major refurbishment works planned for the A9 Cromarty Bridge are set to get underway in August which will see four spans of the bridge upgraded.  Works will involve concrete repairs to the bridge deck and supports as well as the installation of protection measures to prevent future deterioration.  The bridge deck will then be waterproofed and resurfaced to ensure a smooth and safe journey for bridge users.  

The project will be undertaken over six months starting from Monday 14 August, and follows on from a previous phase of refurbishment work to the first four spans of the bridge carried out in 2011.  

The £1.5M project is the latest investment into the 1,462m long structure, bringing the total invested into the bridge by Transport Scotland to £5.8M since January 2016.  In the past 18 months this package of improvements included the replacement of the bridge parapets on both sides of the structure, the installation of scour protection measures around six of the bridge piers, as well as advanced electrical works to help facilitate the deck span refurbishment works commencing in August.  Resurfacing was also completed in June across almost the whole length of the bridge, with the remaining sections to be resurfaced following completion of the bridge refurbishment project.

Temporary traffic lights will be continuously in place until the works are complete.  This will allow for our teams to safely access the bridge to complete the repairs, and also ensure the safety of road users.  The temporary traffic lights will be monitored on site, and manually controlled at peak periods to optimise traffic flow through the work site.  Timings of cruise ships to Cromarty Fifth have also been noted to allow for traffic to be accommodated.

BEAR Scotland has met with key stakeholders including The Highland Council, the emergency services, Cromarty Firth Port Authority and the Road Haulage Association to inform them of the planned upgrades to Cromarty Bridge, and feedback has been taken on board in the design of the works.

Eddie Ross, BEAR Scotland’s North West Representative said: “We’re pleased to begin the £1.5M refurbishment for Cromarty Bridge, which will ensure it continues to withstand the harsh natural environment and make sure it will remain in a safe working condition for years to come.

“We’ve met with representatives from The Highland Council, Cromarty Port Authority, the emergency services, Road Haulage Association and other stakeholders, and have taken account of the issues raised in the design and programming of the project. We’ve also taken on board the lessons learned from the previous refurbishment works in 2011 to make sure we can carry out this phase of bridge maintenance as quickly and effectively as possible. 

“Our design teams have taken account of big events such as the Black Isle Show and Belladrum Festival when planning these works, and have arranged to start the project after these festivals have taken place to further limit any impact.  

“We’ll be manually operating the temporary traffic signals at peak times to ensure traffic flows are optimised to minimise delays to road users, and, according to our traffic impact assessments, delays of up to ten minutes can be expected.  We’ll be working to keep delays as low as possible and using VMS signs to inform motorists of traffic conditions.  Traffic Scotland will be kept up to date to share information about delays".

“We thank road users in advance while we complete these works, and encourage them to plan ahead using the Traffic Scotland website for up to date journey information.”

Real-time journey information is available from Traffic Scotland on www.trafficscotland.org or twitter @trafficscotland.



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