The Community Council is often approached for views on various topics being reviewed by local or national government, or by other public bodies.  You can respond to these as an individual if you want to.  You can also contact any community council member, and we will consider your views as part of any response we make.  Where community views are not clear we will generally take a neutral stance as a group and provide members of the community with information about where to find out more or make an individual submission.

Erection of EV charging station, Retail unit and drive-through with assiociated infrastructure and amenity open space | Land 60M North Of 23 Barclay Gardens North Kessock

Details of proposed development can be found here

A9 North Kessock to Tore Study

The STAG Appraisal: Case study for change report can be found here

Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan

The Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan is under review. The Plan will help to shape what development can happen in our communities over the next 10 to 20 years. 

The Highland Council is asking for your views before the 1st April 2021. Your input will help to shape the Plan to make sure communities are sustainable and have good access to jobs and servicesover future decades.


A Main Issues Report has now been published, which identifies the key challenges for each area and sets out a range of options for dealing with them. You can find this on the Highland Council website. 

9 Main Issues are proposed in the draft plan which will apply to settlements right across the whole of the Inner Moray Firth area. These are: 

  • Addressing the Climate and Ecological Emergency
  • Supporting a strong, diverse and sustainable economy
  • Growing the most sustainable places
  • Delivering affordable housing
  • Matching development and infrastructure capacity
  • Creating a more healthy, sustainable transport network
  • Identifying and safeguarding valued, local greenspace
  • Placemaking
  • Meeting the needs of an ageing population

The key information for Munlochy is found at page 193 (Section 3.25)

The Placemaking Priorities for Munlochy are: 

  • To consolidate not expand the village.
  • To avoid the need to invest in new infrastructure such as the primary school by limiting growth to a level that can be accommodated by existing facilities.
  • To support the completion of development at already earmarked sites.
  • To seek developer contributions and other funding towards the provision of an active travel link between Munlochy and Avoch.

Sites identified as preferred for small development are at Hillpark Brae, South of the Post Office, Station Brae and north of the A832. Sites to the west and east of the village are not preferred. 

The key information for North Kessock is found at page 204 (Section 3.27)

The Placemaking Priorities for North Kessock are: 

  • To support limited, mixed use expansion to the west of the settlement.
  • To secure infrastructure improvements that play a strategic role in managing travel and visitor impacts.
  • To presume against infill development on greenspaces within the village where they offer amenity, recreational and/or nature conservation value.

Sites identified as preferred for small development are at parking areas north and south of the A9, and an area to the East of Bellfield Farm. Sites west of Bellfield Farm and at Lettoch Farm are not preferred. 

How to Comment

If you want to understand more about the Plan's review, you can view a short video here.  If you want help finding your way around the Report and an easy guide on how to make comments then watch this video.

Remember when you comment to also let the Community Council know your views so that we can represent as wide a selection of local views as possible in ur own official response. Your can contact us here

Please let us know: 

  • Do you agree with the Main Issues set out in the report? 
  • Are the Place Making priorities for Munlochy and North Kessock right? 
  • Are there other local greenspaces that should be safeguarded?
  • Do you agree with the designations for North Kessock as suitable for modest sustainable growth and Munlochy for limited growth? (page 26)
  • Are there other ways our communities can be made more sustainable or priorities that have not been picked up or addressed? 

We look forward to receiving your comments. Contact Us

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