If you wish to make your views known on specific items of concern within our community, please address these in the first instance to our chairman by using the Contact Us page on this website.  Our code of conduct for members of the public attending meetings can be found here

Knockbain Community Council meetings are generally scheduled for 7.00 p.m on the third Tuesday of the month, alternating at either North Kessock Village Hall or Munlochy Village Hall.

Please see the calendar for dates and venues.  The agenda will be posted below approximately 10 days before the meeting.   Local residents are encouragd to attend meetings and will be made most welcome. 


Follow these links to read the minutes of the KCC meetings.

Dates of Meetings for 2025

21st January 2025

18th February 2025

18th March 2025

15th April 2025

20th May 2025

17th June 2025

17th June 2025 AGM

Dates of Meetings for 2023/2024

19th September 2023   Agenda   Minutes

17th October 2023       Agenda    Minutes

21st November 2023    Agenda    Minutes

23rd January 2024      Agenda     Minutes

27th February 2024  CANCELLED

19th March 2024        Agenda   Minutes

16th April 2024          Agenda   Minutes

21st May 2024          Agenda    Minutes

18th June 2024         Agenda

18th June 2024 AGM  Agenda   Minutes 2023

17th September 2024

15th October 2024

19th November 2024

Dates of Meetings for 2023 (Jan - Jun) 

24th January 2023   Agenda  Minutes

21st February 2023  Agenda    Minutes

14th March 2023      Agenda  Minutes

25th April 2023        Agenda   Minutes

16th May 2023         Agenda   Minutes

20th June 2023        Agenda  Minutes

20th June 2023 AGM   Agenda  Minutes


Dates of Meetings for 2022

18th January 2022  Agenda   Minutes

15th February 2022  Agenda  Minutes

15th March 2022     Agenda  Minutes

19th April 2022       Agenda  Minutes

17th May 2022       Agenda  Minutes

28th June 2022      Agenda  Minutes

28th June 2022 AGM   Agenda  Minutes Accounts

20th September 2022   Agenda  Minutes

18th October 2022       Agenda  Minutes

22nd November 2022   Agenda  Minutes


Archive of Meeting for 2021

26 January 2021  Agenda   Minutes

23 February 2021  Agenda  Minutes

23 March 2021    Agenda   Minutes

27 April 2021      Agenda   Minutes

25 May 2021       Agenda  Amended Minutes & Note

29 June 2021      Agenda  Minutes

29 June 2021 Closed AGM   Agenda  Minutes

21 September 2021  Agenda  Minutes

19 October 2021  Agenda  Minutes

16 November 2021  Agenda  Minutes


Archive of Meetings for 2020

21 January 2020 NK  Agenda Minutes Police Report

25 February 2020 Munlochy P/School Agenda Minutes

24 March 2020 NK Primary School    Meeting Cancelled 

21 April 2020   Meeting Cancelled due to COVID 19

19 May 2020   Meeting Cancelled due to COVID 19

19 May 2020 AGM   Meeting postponed due to COVID 19

16 June 2020   Meeting cancelled due to COVID 19

7 July 2020   Zoom Meeting Agenda   Minutes

No meeting August

15 September 2020  No Meeting due to COVID-19

20 October 2020      No Meeting due to COVID-19

17 November 2020   No Meeting due to COVID-19

15 December 2020  Agenda  Minutes  Police


Archive of Meetings for 2019

15 January 2019 at Munlochy minutes 

19 February 2019 at North Kessock minutes

19 March 2019 at Munlochy minutes

16 April 2019 at North Kessock minutes

14 May 2019 Munlochy agenda minutes  police

14 May 2019 AGM Munlochy agenda  Minutes

25 June 2019 at North Kessock  agenda  minutes

Summer recess - no meetings planned during July or August

17 September at Munlochy agenda  minutes police

15 October at North Kessock agenda minutes police

19 November at North Kessock Primary Agenda police Inaugural Minutes Minutes Police

December - no meeting planned


Archive of Minutes  for 2018

16th Januray meeting at Munlochy - minutes and police report now available here

see our News page ofr details of public meeting re Munlochy planning application

20th February at Munlochy - minutes now available here

20th March at North Kessock - minutes here and police report available here

16th April - meeting of NK Community Groups. Notes of meeting here

17th April at Munlochy - agenda here and police report available here

15th May at North Kessock - earlier meeting at 6.30pm - minutes and police report available here

AGM 15th May North Kessock 2018 minutes

19th June at Munlochy minutes here 

July / August - summer recess, no meetings planned

18th September at North Kessock minutes here

16th October at Munlochy agenda here minutes here

27th November at North Kessock minutes here

December - no meeting planned

Archive of Minutes for 2017/18

16 May 2017 at Munlochy 

16 May 2017 AGM

20 June 2017 at North Kessock

July - no meeting (summer recess)

August - no meeting (summer recess)

19 September 2017 minutes and police report at Munlochy

17 October 2017 minutes and police report at North Kessock

21 November 2017 minutes at Munlochy

December - no meeting


Archive of Minutes for 2016/17

17 May 2016, at North Kessock

21 June 2016, at Munlochy

19 July 2016, at North Kessock

16 August 2016, at Munlochy

27 September 2016, at North Kessock

18 October 2016, at Munlochy

15 November 2016 at North Kessock

18 January 2017 at Munlochy

14 February 2017 at North Kessock

14 March 2017 at Munlochy

25 April 2017 at North Kessock




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