31 December 2016
Connecting Carers

Connecting Carers have issued a newsletter to highlight the benefits and support available to unpaid carers.  

Caring can happen to anyone at any time,  There are an estimated 30,000 unpaid carers in the HIghland, some in their later years and some as young as five.  Sometimes it is sudden and unexpected because of an iccident or illness, for other poeple it creeps up slowly and sometimes unnoticed.  

Looking after somebody else can be tough, rewarding and uplifting.  It can also be physically and emotionally draining, and sometimes the health of the carer can begin to suffer.  Support and recognition is vital and it is important to be aware of rights and how to access the support and benefits available.

Please share this information with anyone you thionk may need it. 

Connecting Carers service is free and confidential.  Carers can call their support line at any time on Tel 01463 723560, or email: carers@connectingcarers.org.uk

Download the winter newsletter here 


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