26 August 2017
Have your Say - Charleston Amenity Area - Community Consultation Update

Your Community Council have been offered the lease of the piece of land on the shore between the west end of Charleston and Torgorm Point.  It includes the field that has been used as a wee football pitch, a parking / picnic area and a stretch of roadside verge.

The land is currently leased to the Highland Council by Boradland estates.  That arrangement comes to an end in the autumn.  The council will not be renewing theor lease and Boradlands have no current plans for the land, so if nothing happens everything will be removed and it will quickly revert to its natural state.

We want to find out what people in the North Kessock area would like to see hapen to this land so that we can decide whether to take on the lease and manage the area for the benefit of the comunity.

We would like to thank everyone in the community who has so far taken the time to return leaflets or to reply via email, text etc with suggestions. 
If you have not managed to do this yet there is still time. Message us in here, send a message through our website, drop your suggestions in to the local shop or speak to any community council member. 

We are still discussing possible terms of a lease with Broadlands just now and will collate all your suggestions over the summer. One we know exactly what we can or can't do with the land we will report on all the suggestions and produce on a final shortlist for discussion in the autumn

If you have a suggestion of your own please let us know.  Return your leaflet to any member of the community council or to the local shop. Text 07801 356485, or contact us by email at info@knockbain.org

We want to hear from all groups and ages - please get in touch and let us know what you think.





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